Turmeric benefits and side effects

Turmeric comes from a flowering plant and is often used to add colour and flavor to Asian food. Turmeric powder tastes warm and bitter, like black pepper, and smells earthy, like mustard. It is a part of many types of medicine, like Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese, and Unani, and has been used for over 3000 years to treat cuts, burns, and other problems. Turmeric is often used in cooking and dyeing, but it has more uses than you might think.

Here are some Turmeric benefits:

Turmeric is good for your health in many ways

People often use turmeric milk to treat coughs, colds, or other respiratory tract infections. Turmeric makes the body make more mucus, which gets rid of bacteria stuck inside the body. Turmeric’s antiviral and antibacterial properties help fight infections, and its anti-inflammatory properties help ease symptoms. The best way to get rid of a cold or cough is to drink a cup of warm turmeric milk. If you have a cough at night, drinking one cup before bed will help get rid of it and let you get a good night’s sleep.

Turmeric for Lightening Skin

Turmeric helps the brain make serotonin, which helps send messages from one part of the brain to another. Because its cells are all over the body, it is thought to affect many different mental and physical functions. This include brain cell that control mood, sexual want and purpose, appetite, sleep, memory and knowledge, warmth control, and some social behavior. So, drinking a cup of warm turmeric milk previous to bed will help you relax your head and sleep better at night.

Turmeric For Weight Loss

Turmeric milk helps break down fat in the body. This can help you keep your weight in check. Turmeric also controls the amount of sugar in the body, which stops fat from being stored and helps the body get rid of fat. Turmeric also helps make more bile, a digestive juice that helps break down fat.

Turmeric for Cuts and Wounds

Turmeric has properties that make it less painful and help wounds heal faster. It kills bacteria, keeps them from getting into the damage, and worsens the infection. It also stops the injury from bleeding more by making the blood clot. Turmeric is good for your skin and prevents scars from forming.

Turmeric To Help Joint Pain

Curcumin in turmeric makes joints less swollen and painful. Turmeric is much better at keeping joint pain from happening than getting rid of it. People with arthritis can use the anti-inflammatory properties to help their joints work better.

Turmeric for the Heart

Heart disease is one of the main reasons why people die all over the world. People say that turmeric has properties that make it less likely that you will get heart disease. Turmeric’s antioxidant properties help stop heart problems caused by diabetes and lower the risk of cardio toxicity. The anti-inflammatory properties help treat both high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats.

Turmeric for Cancer

Raw turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties stop the growth of breast, skin, lungs, prostate, and colon cancers. This prevents the cancer cells from damaging the DNA and makes chemotherapy less harmful. Lab tests have shown that the curcumin in turmeric kills cancer cells and stops them from spreading to other parts of the body.

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Side Effects Of Turmeric

Increased Risk Of Bleeding

Turmeric can naturally thin the blood. It has been shown to make blood clot less quickly. People with bleeding disorders are more likely to get bruises and bleed if they do this over time. Turmeric could also cause too much bleeding if taken with certain medicines.

Stomach Issues And GERD

Taking turmeric to treat long-term problems like arthritis or sore joints could cause stomach problems. It has also been found that taking a lot of turmeric for a long time can cause stomach problems.

Raise Gallbladder Contractions

Turmeric has a lot of oxalate in it, which is a chemical that can make you more likely to get gallstones. Supplements of 20–40 mg of turmeric were also said to make the gallbladder contract more.

Bring down blood pressure

When blood pressure is lowered too much, it can lead to problems. Turmeric can lower blood pressure in high doses, so people who take blood pressure medicine should be careful if they use turmeric.


It seems that adding turmeric to your diet is good for your health. The golden spice helps keep your immune system healthy, relieves pain, and can even help your body digest food. But some people may not want to take turmeric because it can make them feel bad.

When deciding if you want to try turmeric, it’s essential to be careful. You should talk to your doctor before using turmeric to treat a health problem, as with any alternative treatment.

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