12 Amazing Cinnamon Benefits for Health

Cinnamon is a spice that is commonly placed over toast and lattes. It is a popular household spice valued as much as gold once upon a time. It’s used in cooking and baking and added to various meals. The spice has a nice flavor and a toasty aroma, making it popular in cooking, particularly in delicious bakes and spicy curries. However, extracts from the cinnamon tree’s bark, fruits, blossoms, leaves, and roots have been utilized in traditional medicine.

The inner bark of a tiny evergreen tree is scraped and dried in the sun, where it coils into rolls known as cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon can also be found as a powder, and Cinnamon comes in four varieties. Ceylon cinnamon, also known as natural Cinnamon, is widely utilized in various parts of the world.

The Cinnamon we buy at the shop might be one of two types: Ceylon or cassia, or a combination of the two. Ceylon is less difficult to ground, but it may not provide the same health advantages.

Nutritional Values

Cinnamon includes practically no protein or fat and will not significantly influence your total nutrition. However, a teaspoon of powdered Cinnamon contains these, as well as traces levels of many additional vitamins and nutrients:

  • About 6 calories
  • About 0.03 grams of fat
  • About 0.1 gram of protein
  • About 1 gram of fiber
  • About 2 grams of carbohydrates
  • About 11 milligrams of potassium
  • About 26 milligrams of calcium
  • About 8 IU (International Units) of vitamin A
  • About 3 mcg (micrograms) of beta carotene


●     Control type 2 diabetes

The impact of Cinnamon on type 2 diabetes is perhaps the most remarkable and exciting benefit of a daily intake of Cinnamon. It can aid in managing this illness by lowering blood pressure levels and boosting insulin sensitivity. Specific molecules in Cinnamon can mimic the actions of insulin and help control blood sugar, which is critical for people with diabetes.

 ●     Control cholesterol

Even though research is ongoing, several studies suggest that Cinnamon may help reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels while increasing HDL (good cholesterol). Cinnamate, in particular, may be able to reduce the activity of the enzyme that produces cholesterol, so lowering the number of fatty acids in the blood.

 ●     Fight Acne

Cinnamon can stop acne-causing impurities in their tracks. Add 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of powdered Cinnamon to produce a paste for a great-smelling acne mask. Allow it to sit on your face for 10 minutes before washing it off and enjoying your rejuvenated look.

 ●     Control inflammation

Cinnamaldehyde is a fantastic ingredient that gives Cinnamon its odor and flavor; it may also relieve edema and prevent blood platelets from coagulating together. Its anti-inflammatory properties don’t end there; it can also contain specific molecules linked to aberrant cell proliferation, lowering the chance of illness.

 ●     Mouth-freshener

Fans of Big Red gum may vouch for Cinnamon’s breath-freshening properties. Cinnamaldehyde enters the picture once more, eradicating that bothersome oral bacteria. Chew cinnamon gum or prepare your mouthwash by boiling 5-10 cinnamon sticks in 1 cup of water for 5 minutes, then use as you would ordinary mouthwash to have fresher breath!

 ●     Antioxidant

Antioxidants are vital because they assist the body in reducing oxidative stress, which has been shown to harm cells and contributes to practically every chronic illness, including type 2 diabetes. Surprisingly, the antioxidant capacity of Cinnamon outperforms that of several well-known superfoods!

 ●     Plump up lips

Because Cinnamon increases blood flow to the skin’s surface, it can allow your lips to plump up without injections. Combine 1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon with Vaseline or a few drops of oil (vitamin E, coconut, or even olive oil) to create a paste to apply to your lips. Allow a few minutes for the mixture to soak before washing it off, then pucker up!

●     Slow signs of aging

As we age, our skin generates less collagen and elastin, the proteins that maintain our skin smooth and supple. Many lotions and creams promise to aid in creating these proteins, but cinnamon extracts may accomplish the trick without the need for additional chemicals. 

●     Sanitizer

Cinnamon oil has been demonstrated to be effective against various common and hospital-acquired diseases, including Staphylococcus, MRSA, Streptococcus, and E. coli. A doctor advises producing a fragrant and effective combination called thieves oil, which contains a considerable proportion of Cinnamon, as a natural hand sanitizer.

 ●     Hair growth booster

While there are no conclusive studies, some experts believe Cinnamon can aid hair growth. It accomplishes this by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles, increasing the circulation required for hair growth. To create: To make a paste, combine 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon, 1 tablespoon honey, and about a cup olive or coconut oil. Apply this to your scalp, let it remain for 10 minutes, and then wash it out with a light shampoo.

 ●     Control Metabolic Disease

It’s maybe not surprising that if Cinnamon can help with type 2 diabetes, it can also aid with metabolic disease management. Cinnamon may help decrease morbidity, metabolic syndrome complications, and mortality by obesity, plasma glucose, blood pressure, and dyslipidemia. While these potential benefits of cinnamon consumption are intriguing, further well-designed subject studies are required before forming accurate conclusions. Because of its naturally sweet flavor, Cinnamon can also be utilized as an appetite suppressant in people who have a sugar addiction.

 ●     Help manage HIV

Cinnamon’s antibacterial qualities extend to viruses, implying that it may aid in the fight against or management of HIV. According to research, cinnamon extract may help battle against HIV by stopping the virus from entering cells. As a result, the cinnamon extract may be helpful in the treatment of HIV. According to one study, a cinnamon-derived chemical might impede viral entrance, one of the most promising techniques for limiting HIV’s progression to AIDS.

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The Final Words

In Conclusion, Cinnamon is among the world’s most delicious and healthful spices. It can increase the risk of diabetes, cut risk factors for heart disease, and provide a slew of other significant health advantages. Just make sure you purchase Ceylon cinnamon or use it in tiny amounts if you’re using Cassia cinnamon.

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