Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic one of herb which easily find at home Garlic is very simple to include in your daily diet routine. The taste of garlic can also add an extra punch to bland recipes. We find several forms of Garlic in market, like garlic smooth pastes, garlic powders, garlic extract and garlic oil.

Other side, you need to keep in mind that there are some downsides to garlic, such as bad breath. And some people who are allergic to it.If you have a bleeding disorder issues or are taking any blood-thinning medications, consult with your doctor before increasing your garlic intake

A simple way to use garlic is some fresh garlic mixes it with olive oil and a bit of salt.

This healthy and super satisfying dressing.

For thousands of years, garlic was ayurvedic herbs and believed to have medicinal properties. Science has now confirmed it.

It has significant antibiotic properties. Both types garlic raw and cooked may have a range of health benefits. Some research suggests that in many other countries, garlic has been used medicinally for centuries.

Some other Facts of Garlic:-

The Best Health Benefits of Eating Garlic are:

Immunity Booster

Who knew that increasing physical fitness could be as simple as eating garlic? Some research suggests that those who routinely ate garlic, fruits and vegetables had a 35% lower colon cancer risk.

Works as a Pain relief

Research has shown that garlic oil works as an Pain relief. If you have inflamed joints or muscles pain, rub them with garlic oil. The Arthritis Specialist even recommends it to help prevent cartilage damage from arthritis

Help to Improves heart health

Research also indicates that garlic improves heart health. Garlic has a great contribution in reducing blood pressure and it is very beneficial for high blood pressure patient. Before putting your blood pressure medication stop, though, consult your doctor to see if adding more garlic to your diet could be beneficial for you or it have some side effects

Skin related benefits

One study shows raw garlic over pimples can clear them away. Please be caution, garlic could cause a side effects on your skin. Consult your dermatologist specialist first before trying this, especially if you’re using any other skin related products.

Good for Weight Loss

Garlic help to reduces store fat if you consume it before bed and in the morning raw garlic is most helpful for weight lose therapy. It also increases metabolism in the body and it helps to burn calories the more calories you burn, the more weight you lose. High metabolism keeps you energetic and makes you feel better throughout the day. To prevent the increase of belly fat, it is necessary to have proper metabolism..

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Help to Increase Athletic performance

Garlic is best remedy for enhancing performance in sports and exercise. In olden times, garlic was used to increase stamina and improve the work capacity of laborers. Consuming garlic helps in improving exercise performance and their heart rate better which gives good result exercise.

Cooked garlic & Raw garlic benefits

Garlic’s benefits sometimes get a little complicated. For example, the study raw garlic to improved immunity.Cooked garlic or putting it in a recipe can change garlic’s benefits balance. so let it sit after you crush or chop it. so add garlic to your food  recipes when you are done cooking at home.

The Best way to take Raw Garlic

Raw garlic helps in blood thinning and lowers cholesterol levels; however, the best way to eat raw garlic is with an empty stomach… because the allicin process of cooked garlic becomes thinner.

Garlic in water and Drink

Can I drink garlic after putting it in water? It’s no secret. Garlic has a raw and strong taste, whereas here it mixes well with other ingredients.

 Let us know how to consume it with water.

Put 2-3 cups of water in a big pot, grind five cloves of garlic and put them in water, then cover it and let it boil. Let it cool down when it boils properly here. And add about 10 milliliters of honey in to it, after that squeeze a lemon in it. Filter this mixture and consume it, you will get benefit.

Relief in Cough and Cold

Raw garlic has the ability to fight cold and cough infection and keeps our body away from diseases. Every morning eating two crushed garlic cloves on an empty stomach has the maximum benefit.

A few words of caution

Garlic can also harm your health, so do not include it in your diet in excess. Because of this, some health relative problems can also arise like upset stomach, diarrhea, and bad breath. So please take caution while use it and you can relies its side effects within week.

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